David Coveney

The aesthetic of a toddler represented through his photography

Conrad’s been fascinated with my cameras since he’d just turned a year old. They were strictly off limits until recently when at 30 months old he’s responsible enough to be just about trusted with a compact camera.

So – off he toddled with my oldish Lumix LX3. Unfortunately, the camera is still useful enough to me on a day to day basis that I’d rather not risk the inevitable drop. For Xmas, then, I decided to dig out an old Powershot and let him use that. Still a perfectly decent camera, but tough and if he does break it it’s not the end of the world. I know it’s a bit of a fancy camera for a toddler, but he’s going to learn more this way. Maybe.

What I did find, was that the images he took have a certain aesthetic. I’m not for on moment suggesting Conrad is special with this – he isn’t. But a toddler takes pictures from a certain angle, and of certain subjects, that show very different thoughts and priorities. People are the most important, then it’s wood photos, then some toys. Why there are so many wood photos I’m not really sure. He won’t tell me.

Below are a selection. Including wood.

Will you excuse the post title? I couldn’t resist…

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