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Conrad Reaches The Terrible Twos, Kolya Watches On

Hey – it’s been a bit slow on the updates front, hasn’t it? I know family in Poland and Spain are itching to find out how the two little ones are getting on. Us two oldies, Mum and Dad, almost forgotten! Heheh…

But hey, the kids are the funniest in the house, so I can understand it! We’ve just introduced Conrad to time-outs, as he’s now old enough to understand what’s happened. Yesterday he had one of his first on the naughty chair after he gave Kolya a good old fashioned donk on the head with his toy car. Not that Kolya seemed to care much – he just grinned from his seat in the Jumparoo and continued looking over at us. But you know, it’s still wrong, even if the person you’re hitting is clearly a drooling idiot with no sense of pain.

So onto the naught step Conrad went. At first he fights it, then he accepts it, cries a bit, then it’s a hug and a sorry and all is right in the world once more. Fine. So, this evening, Kolya is in his Jumparoo once more and Conrad, as ever, has his little toy Audi TT in his hand… and well yes, he approaches Kolya, wielding it. But this time, before he can do anything, Romana says… “Don’t hit Kolya with the car!”

Conrad looks at us both, goes straight to the naughty seat, sits down, looks contrite and wonders why we’re laughing so much!

But it’s amazing to see how this baby… he’s changing. He’s growing. He has an explosion of vocabulary meaning he can tell you colours, put words together, and even tell me off. If I try and take something from him he starts with “No! Dada!” followed by, shortly after, a wagged finger and “Don’t!” His numbers are coming on, and he’s only missing the number seven and ten from that first 1-10 challenge.

Of course, it’s not all fun – Conrad’s reached his terrible twos already, meaning his favourite word is “no” and interrupting anything he’s enjoying can turn into a battle. Time-outs work to an extent, but you can’t apply them to every misdemeanour and tantrum or they lose their effectiveness.

Actually, that’s something about tantrums – when you’re a non-parent you see them as embarrassing and awkward. Once you’re a parent you realise they’re actually quite entertaining….

Kolya’s an easy kid, it has to be said – essentially he’s following the same path Conrad did, but with a more relaxed temperament. He probably has little choice. He’s weaning well, growing fast, and starting to show more and more of his character. One thing we’ve definitely learned is that he can, given enough time, chew through hard food in spite of still being gummy. We’ll have to watch that as it means sucking on a bit of apple isn’t as harmless as it was with Conrad – a bit falls off and it’s a choking risk.

What’s great is that Kolya’s now entertained by Conrad’s antics. It’s great seeing them make each other laugh in a little giggle-loop. In time they’ll no doubt make each other cry too – we’ll see!

Below are a vid and some recent pics… enjoy!

PS – YouTube can now do automatic image stabilising. Thought I’d try it on this video, but do you find it makes you feel like you’re just a little bit drunk when you watch it?


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