David Coveney

2011’s Nearly Over

So I thought I’d do a Wordle to see what figured highly on this blog.


It’s probably no surprise that the two dominant words here are Conrad and Kolya!  No bad thing – they’re my two amazing, wonderful kids.  It’s been quite a tough year in terms of time and effort.  Business continues as it should, and it’s almost certainly been the company’s best calendar year so far, with 2012 looking even more promising.  But there’s not doubt that right now I’m feeling pretty tired – the holiday season couldn’t have come any sooner for me, and in-laws will find themselves well used!

Whilst fiddling with Wordle above, my colleague Rob came up and mentioned We Feel Fine.  So I asked it for feelings in the UK of people aged 40-49 this month.  I was a bit surprised by the existential emptiness of the result. Stark dude, stark.

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