David Coveney

Ignite Liverpool, 1st December

I’ll be speaking at Ignite Liverpool 8 on the 1st of December (ie, Thursday evening) about a pretty random topic.

I’ve settled on potatoes. Why potatoes? Because although they’re nothing like as dull as you might think, the perception is just that. They’re not glamourous, or pretty, or novel. I also wanted a challenge – what could I find in the familiar that’s unfamiliar. In researching the subject I surprised myself. I discovered that NASA has guidance on how to make asteroids with potatoes.

I did have some problems, however – I’d offered myself up for the gig before the birth of our second son, Kolya. What I didn’t realise was just how much more tired I would be and how much less spare time I would have to plan the presentation. Not only that, but I’ve been busy at work trying to keep business coming in during a particularly dry patch thanks to the start of what appears to be a double-dip recession. But we’re doing OK, the presentation is written, and I think we’re OK.

So, are you going to come? Tickets are free… Book Now!

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