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Into the Sea!

Last month we enjoyed a number of visitors.  One family to come were Adrian and Ania, Igor and Mikolaj – this is great for Conrad as he loves other children, with Igor being four years and Mikoaj nine months old.

In fact, it’s hard to describe the delight from Conrad when he’s got a four year old to play with.  At times he’s clinging onto the legs of other children and not letting them move anywhere, which may come across as a bit needy.  I hope he grows out of it before he’s 18.

We all went together to the Blue Planet aquarium.  This was Conrad’s first time in such a place, and it was great to discover that young children go free.  And he loved the colours.  I suspect he was a bit bemused by a lot of it, however, but he did appear to have a great time.

The beach we went to was Crosby beach where Anthony Gormley’s Another Place is installed.  This is one hundred statues in the image of the artist.  It is, in essence, a statement on the massive ego of some artists but, as the tide corrodes the iron statues, probably reflects on its fragility too.  That’s my arty bollocks approach to it anyway.

Pics, then…



Posted: 20 July, 2011 at 11:52 PM

Romana says:

Super! Que d’agreables moments! Et merci d’etre passe ce soir. Tu m’as aussi gatee Romana! Angela a oublie sa plante. Je l’ai mise devant ma porte et j’espere qu’une de vous 2 viendra la chercher, fais passer le message stp! Bon ete! DD :)


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