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Conrad at Nearly 11 Months

It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since we got to welcome Conrad into the world.  In that time he’s grown from a tiny newbie into a crawling, climbing trouble seeking charmer.

Obviously, every parent believes their child has unique qualities whilst also being the most beautiful in the world, so I won’t say that anything about him makes him unique.  They almost certainly don’t.  But his qualities certainly make him entertaining and good, if sometimes frustrating, company.

His desire to turn things on, then off, then on, then off, then on again, can be infuriating.  The fact that even if he’s playing quietly with himself I have no chance of firing up my laptop as it immediately becomes the most fascinating thing in the room.  It has lights, a screen, and lots and lots of buttons.  You might as well shout “ice-cream!” in a school playing ground – it would have a similar effect.

So we’ve clearly ascertained that there’s a definite geek in the little fella.

He’s also quite the mountaineer and has already successfully scaled Mount Staircase in one go.  It does mean we can’t leave him unattended in the hallway any more, but that’s fine.  We could childproof the house more, but we’re reluctant to go too far that way.  Yes, it’s more work for us, but I think in the long run it pays off – he has plenty of very safe play space at nursery.

We’ve also learned that tiny shifts in diet make big differences in babies of this age.  He mostly eats solids and had been enjoying up to five smallish bottles of milk a day.  But by jove, the nappies were getting nasty, and it was starting to cause some uncomfortable looking nappy rash.  A few internet searches later and we discovered that just a bit too much milk can cause issues.  So we dropped about 210ml a day from his diet (varied, he rarely finished a bottle) and over just three milk feeds a day.  Hey presto!  Normal, healthy nappies.

We take him swimming weekly which he enjoys hugely, though I’m still uncertain about whether he enjoys the underwater bits.  However, it’s seen as important as a way of teaching babies how to react to being in water.  Evidently it’s safer that way.  Can’t wait until our holiday in Spain soon to see how he reacts to Mum’s swimming pool.

And then of course, the  other news – baby number 2 will be coming in the first week of October 2011!  I’ve popped a scan in below.

It’s sunny and I have to go and Get Stuff Done, so that’s it for now.  Hopefully the next update won’t be so long in coming – I’ve heard the complaints from family in far away places.  My apologies!

Update: I was informed that there weren’t enough pictures – then I remembered a memory card I’d forgotten to unload, so I’ve added lots more images.  The order’s a little janky, I’m afraid, but the date range covers January-April 2011 and some pictures are from before he started crawling.

Here’s some pics:

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