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Paris 2010 – avec bébé

Our first overseas trip as a complete family had to be postponed due to the problems with my father.  This time, there were no problems.  At least, not at the beginning!

We decided to visit Paris in order to catch up with our friends there.  Romana and I both lived there, her for years, and me for just under a year.  We love the city, and we miss it.  Time to introduce Conrad to the city.

There are no touristic pictures in this gallery, but I hope I’ve captured the feeling of the week.  There was socialising, there was even a party.  Conrad wasn’t actually too impressed.  Once bistros and bars got noisy, so did he.  At least we can take him there now – a few years ago they’d have been full of smoke and it wouldn’t have been a good thing to do.  Same applied to parties… he just didn’t enjoy the noise and wouldn’t settle easily even in a relatively quiet room.

Still, it was all great until the moment our old VW Gold had an alarming brake failure on the steep entrance to an underground car park.  Thankfully, all cars have split brake system so you’re never left with absolutely no brakes.  At least, not immediately – you just have to press hard.  And the comedy ‘STOP’ sign illuminating on the dashboard didn’t help my mood.

We’ve been back home for a week now.  The car’s still in Paris!  I’ll go and collect it soon, then take it straight for trade-in!

So a bit about Conrad, for family members…

He’s turning into a little charmer when he’s in a good mood (when he’s not, he goes evil) and seemed popular.  He’s starting to sit unsupported, wants to stand when you pull him into sitting position, and adores playing “Where’s Conrad.”  The last is great, just going out of sight with a smile on my face can get him excited that a game’s about to start.

And so to the gallery – the pictures selected are there to give a flavour of the trip.  Plenty of technically dodgy stuff in there!

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