David Coveney

Conrad Turns Evil

We all know just how cute a little baby can be.  Especially, of course, your own.

You probably associate Conrad with cutesy images like this:

Hmmm - this baby food isn't what I was expecting.

So, that’s Conrad for you.  Sweet.  Like babies tend to be.

But in the last couple of days he’s discovered he can do so much more with his face.  He can control each side.

Heh, I'm a bit cheeky I am.

But you know, that’s not an evil look, not really.

Then he gets annoyed.

Yeah, I'm really starting to get annoyed with you right now. Will you feed me? Now?

And then, well… then it goes to pure evil and, frankly, I’m scared that he has access to me while I’m sleeping.

Soon as I get a knife, you're in trouble. D'you hear?

But then, in an instant, it’s entirely possible for him to return to being the sweet normal Conrad we’re used to.  All it takes is something to play with.

Oooh - spatula!


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