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More Conrad – Three and a half weeks in…

Because everyone keeps asking for new pictures and news I’m posting some more :-)

So, the little fella’s growing nicely – according to our own scales he’s now reached 4Kg, is about 58cm tall (long?) and is a complete glutton for milk!  He’s had a period of very windy, fussy behaviour, but he’s settled down a fair bit over the past few days and is back to a more normal routine.  Still needs feeding all the time though, which is getting tiring for Romana.

He’s also had his first trip to a supermarket – we couldn’t tell if he enjoyed it or not, he fell asleep the minute his car seat (pictured below) was strapped to the trolley.  This is a good thing – shopping is clearly not a scary procedure just yet!

The photographers in you will notice a few things:  some pictures are hastily taken and poorly focussed (I’ll never be a top news hound!) but I’m more interested in showing his character than my photo skillz and in others there’s judicious use of black and white along with a red filter… a great way to hide the baby acne he has at the moment!

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