David Coveney

Conrad, 6 days later

So, latest updates for those who’ve been calling for more pictures and more news!

  1. Conrad is a fine little fella with a genuinely impressive range of cries, one is the air-raid siren, starting quiet and low and, with a constant tone, rising to a good old level and then dropping only when his lungs have run out of air.  The others include the lala call (literally laaaaalaaaaalaaaa), the meow, and the belch.
  2. He can move more than expected.  Put him on his back and he can turn onto his side.  If he’s lying on my chest he’ll work his way up until he’s get his head nestled between my chin and shoulder.  Every time.
  3. Sleep?  Nope, we’re not getting that much.  Romana’s not doing too badly, but her sleep pattern’s all over the place.  Mine is mixed.
  4. I’ve learned that I really can’t try to work ten hours a day as well as look after Romana and the baby and have decided to reduce my exposure to work for at least the coming few days.  I ended up getting very grumpy and short-tempered – not good for anyone around me.
  5. He went through a bit of a spotty/jaundiced phase as you can see in some pictures, but that’s already cleared up and he’s back to perfect skin.
  6. But in spite of the noise, disturbances and his poor communication skills so far, he’s still adorable!