David Coveney


Born at 11:53 am on the 12th of May 2010

Welcome to our life, little fella.  It’s a wonderful world, and it’s a scary world.  Your future is our adventure.

At 11:53am, after a ridiculously short labour, you were born and burst into our world.  It wasn’t entirely easy, thanks to somehow tangling yourself up in your own umbilical cord, but you made it, were full of life, and I never thought I’d enjoy hearing a baby cry so much as I did when you made those first tentative squawks.

You and your mother… you’re amazing.

PS. thank you for the easy to use Stage 1 iPhone application – it told us all we needed to know.

PPS. apparently the stats are important – they’re in one of the pictures, but for the benefit of the record: 3.22Kg (7lb 1.5oz), 55cm long.  About right, in other words.  Oh, and one day over term, but originally we’d worked out 13th of May, so guess he went right for the middle :o)