David Coveney

Welcome to the Home Page of Obsessive Compulsives UK

Welcome to our site – it’s taken a lot of work to get this far and…


…hang on, let me just check the site’s still up. Oh I’d better save this file just in case. Hang on. Right where was I? Oh yes, we’re trying to do a lot of work here to help folk who… wait a minute, I think I can hear a hot water tap running I’ll just check it. Ah it’s ok. Right, so we’re a self help group of people with obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd) who want to help each other through the… oh wait a minute… Christ! I’ve left the iron on! No I haven’t! Yes I have!

Ok, if you’ve come to this site via the usual route, you’ll be wondering what the heck is going on.

Basically we were sat watching a trailer for the very funny Catherine Tate Show and she made a gag about obsessives who should log on to http://www.christivelefttheironon.co.uk/noihavent/yesihave

And well, James and I were wondering if the domain had been registered. The computer was just there you know…so we had no choice but to check – and it was available! We couldn’t resist and, for the princely sum of a fiver, we had a shiny new domain!

Then, erm, what were we going to do with it?! And I realised, it shouldn’t be difficult to record the entry url – I’d simply redirect the domain to this post here that you’re reading now, and see what happens.

So – here’s the gig. Suggest how many people are sad enough to log on to a domain they’ve heard on the TV. After the show has aired (anyone know when it will be?) I will reveal the web stats to all. There may even be a prize in it – I dunno, a souvenir or something. Maybe it could be like when I listened to Radio Kiev on my shortwave radio as a kid and got excited by their offer of a “selection of Kiev souvenirs” for anyone who reported their signal strength.

No bets are being taken on how many people are sad enough to actually register a domain they’ve heard on the TV – that’s just two. James and Me.

If you’re a really big fan of the lovely Catherine Tate, just click here to see a big list of DVDs, books and related items from Amazon.co.uk

PS. I wanted to add the links to the official site and to some products not just because I’m shamelessly commercial, but as a way of thanking Catherine Tate for all the traffic I might get. Not that I’m sure there’ll be much traffic, but let’s see….

PPS. The show returns to our screens on BBC 2 at 9pm on Thursday 26th October! Watch it and wait for the url. Perhaps we could also bet when it’s used in the show? Any takers?

PPPS. Added July 2014: This page has been consistently popular on my site and is always about the second most popular each month. For eight years! Well done all. And here’s the actual clip (may disappear):

On a more serious note, be aware that the real OCD UK web site can be found here by clicking on this line.

I’m guessing a series of ads on BBC1 has just caused all these comments – it’s taking on a life of it’s own! Anyway, to give you a clue, tonight alone (Monday 16th October 2006) there have been some 170 people almost, but not quite, as sad as me! Keep on coming – it’s fun to be sad :o)